What is an Occasional Shop?

To be an occasional shop, it simply means that, you are open occasionally.  Unlike traditional stores that open five or six days a week, an occasional shop may be open every Friday/Saturday, or every weekend, some open once a month, and some are just open a few months out of the year.  Whatever schedule fits the shop owners schedules and their niche best. 

Opening up less frequently actually brings in more customers and decreases expenses.  Think about it, If we're open less, that means we do not need to hire someone to work.  In lieu of opening a few days a week, I am creating an event, a sense of excitement that brings in customers.

I talked with many occasional shop owners before we made any decision.  Being open only on Weekends works well for us because Devyn, our shop manager, is attending medical school and we can be open the days he is available.  This concept also works perfectly for us because we sell vintage and handmade items.  These items do not simply show up or get delivered to us cleaned and ready to price.  It takes time to either make items or locate items, clean them up, prep them, repair them, repurpose them, price them, etc.  So during the time we are not open we can get inventory ready, which is a ton of time for a one woman show! 

With an Occasional shop, Customers know that if they like our merchandise they need to come when you are open.  And perhaps most importantly the occasional shop model gives us, as a family, flexibility.  Flexibility to take care of children, grans-children, get to appointments, run errands, get sick (and actually take care of ourselves), go on vacation… That is probably one of the best reasons.