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X-Discounted- Fusion Clear Glaze

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*Discounted*  Sometimes we receive a paint jar here and there, where a small amount of product has leaked within the lid's protective seal, which we believe is from the expansion/contraction of elevations during shipping. These item's lids may not look as pretty, lol, but the paint is the same and still amazing.  We'd love for you to take advantage of these products that do not 'make the cut' to display on our store shelves.

Note: Once these paints are opened, it's best to remove the paint from it's original container into a new properly sealed, air-tight container such as a mason jar or as we prefer our 16oz FIFO Bottles, easy-peasy for painting & storage!



Our Clear Glaze allows you to create your own finish. Simply mix in a few drops of the desired colour or metallic to create a custom glaze.

If adding tint or paint, test to ensure your desired pigmentation is achieved prior to application. Apply sparingly with a quality brush into recesses and crevices, then wipe back with a lint free cloth to your desired effect. Allow the glaze to dry for 24-48 hours, depending on weather conditions, prior to applying Tough Coat or Matte Wipe-On Poly for extra durability. Tough Coat and Matte Wipe-On Poly are recommended for high traffic areas such as table tops and kitchen cabinets.


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