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Embellishing Foil ROLL - Brass

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CLOSE-OUT - appx. 32ft x 12" wide

In combination with APS Foil Adhesive (APSFA), you will have great success with your Foil projects.

Use the foil collections to enhance your furniture, cabinetry walls or mixed media art. 

Just apply one coat of foil adhesive and allow to dry to a firm tack (about 1-2 hours) and then apply the APS Foils for a great release each and every time.

Be sure to lay the ugly side down and pretty side up. They release so well, I only rub with a soft cloth to start with and peek under to see if the release is satisfactory. If not enough foil has transferred, then you may need to apply more pressure and even use a "scrub" brush if necessary.

What is awesome is the fact that you can leave it for a week or a month and the foil adhesive will never lose its tack

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