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Plant Lady Making Powder ~ DIY Paint Co

Plant Lady Making Powder ~ DIY Paint Co

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So many uses! How do we use these? So many ways! Here's are a few...use like the DIY decrepit dust, put down clear wax and wipe off the excess to add a pop of color, mix with Liquid patinas or water for a watercolor medium and more

Here are a few ideas I am going to try...

1. Mix with water for a watercolor effect.
2. Mix with DIY Liquid Patina for a tinted glaze or medium.
3. Mix with DIY Big Top for a tinted glaze or sealer.
4. Mix with DIY Clear Wax and use as a tinted wax.
5. Seal your project with DIY Clear Wax and sprinkle with making powder, then rub into the details of your piece.
6. Mix with your resin for resin projects
7. Put in a sprayer or mister to make a colored mist.
7. Mix with plaster, grout, moulding paste, or even clay!
8. Mix with existing DIY Paint to create a custom color.
9. Mix with Liquid Patina to paint on fabric.
10. Stamp fabric, heat set, then paint the design with pigment/patina mix.
11. Mix with Golden Ticket or Pennies From Heaven to make a tinted patina.
12. Stamp fabric with Resistol, then heat set and paint with patina/powder. Head set and then wash away Resistol for a batik look.

These bright pots of pigment powder come in twelve colors that compliment all of Debi's DIY paint colors!
Each pot contains 30 Grams, sold by weight, not by volume.
Use them dry to sprinkle into your molding to make the details pop, mix them into paints to create new colors, create colored waxes by mixing with clear wax, mix with water to create water colors, mix them with Liquid Patina or Big Top to create colored glazes...or just use as a dry rub (followed by sealer or wax) to add a little pop to your painted surfaces!  

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